Launch application

You are now ready to launch the frontend application.

Execute the following steps from your Cloud9 terminal.

cd ~/environment/frontend
nvm use lts/erbium
npm start

Once you see the following output you can acccess the web application.

Compiled successfully!

You can now view frontend in the browser.
  Local:            http://localhost:8080
  On Your Network:

Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.

To access the web application, click on Preview > Preview Running Application.

View the web application in the Cloud9 preview pane

Clicking on that will open another pane in your Cloud9 environment with a web browser view to the running application. Cloud9 conveniently allows you to develop your web application in the Cloud using an in-browser tunnel, which avoids exposing your application’s listening ports to the Internet.

Login screen

If your preview pane is too small, you can also click in the top-right corner of the preview pane to open the site in a separate tab.


The initial screen of the app shows two buttons that you can use to automatically log in as each of your member’s workers. Upon logging in, you will see a list of each product that has been created and its status. Depending on which user you are logged in as, you will see different possible operations that can be performed.

Login screen

You will probably want to open two separate browser sessions (either using different user identities in Chrome, Firefox Personas, or a normal browser window and a private/incognito browser window, so that you can see perspectives from both members simultaneously. All four worker identities are required to complete the entire lifecycle of a product.