Network configuration

Create security groups

Begin by creating network security groups for the Fabric client instance. Open the AWS Management Console and go to the EC2 service. Select Security groups from the left-hand sidebar, then Create security group. Call the group HFClientAndEndpoint, set the description to “Allows internal traffic between Fabric client and VPC endpoint” and make sure your default VPC is selected. Make sure that all inbound and outbound rules are deleted, then select Create security group.

Create a new security group

Edit the inbound rules of the security group you just created. Add a rule that allows all traffic from a custom source. Clicking in the field with the magnifying glass will display several options. Select the current security group (the one you just created) and then Save rules. This allows all traffic to flow between network interfaces in this security group. Specifically, it enables traffic between the Fabric client and the VPC endpoint on your blockchain network.

Edit inbound rules on the security group

Now create another outbound rule on that security group with the same settings (all traffic allowed from a custom source that belongs to the same security group).