Vote on the proposal

The Retailer should then vote on the proposal using the following commands in their Cloud9 terminal:

export NETWORKID=$(aws managedblockchain list-networks | jq -r '.Networks[] | select(.Name == "SupplyChain").Id')
export MEMBERID=$(aws managedblockchain list-members --network-id=$NETWORKID | jq -r '.Members[] | select(.Name == "Retailer") | .Id')
export PROPOSALID=$(aws managedblockchain list-proposals --network-id=$NETWORKID | jq -r '[.Proposals[] | select(.Status=="IN_PROGRESS") | .ProposalId][0]')
aws managedblockchain vote-on-proposal --network-id=$NETWORKID --proposal-id=$PROPOSALID --voter-member-id=$MEMBERID --vote YES

The proposal should now be approved. You may double-check by running the following command in your Cloud9 terminal:

aws managedblockchain list-proposals --network-id=$NETWORKID

You should see one approved proposal that looks something like this:

    "Proposals": [
            "ProposalId": "p-N5KHU53A4FACDJ377F56IRW7P4",
            "ProposedByMemberId": "m-DRNM5IJATFDQXD4QF4OOLJFJJU",
            "ProposedByMemberName": "Retailer",
            "Status": "APPROVED",
            "CreationDate": "2020-04-26T21:51:13.837Z",
            "ExpirationDate": "2020-04-27T21:51:13.837Z"