Modify Cloud9 IAM role

Make sure that both members of the consortium perform this setup in their respective AWS accounts.

In order to perform some operations for this workshop, it is necessary to assign an IAM machine role to your Cloud9 environment. In order for this role to take effect, it is necessary to disable Cloud9’s normal management of your credentials. To do this, click the settings gear icon in the top-right corner of your Cloud9 environment.

Open Cloud9 settings

Scroll down and open the section for AWS Settings. Disable AWS managed temporary credentials. Close the preferences pane.

Disable management of AWS temporary credentials

Now attach the machine role you created previously to your Cloud9 environment. To do this, go to the EC2 service in the AWS Management Console and select Instances on the lefthand sidebar. Check the box next to your Cloud9 instance, then select Actions > Security > Modify IAM role.

Change your Cloud9 environment's IAM role

Select the IAM role you created previously and then Save.

Select the AMB machine role

You can now proceed to module one.