Our decentralized application (dapp) will facilitate the management of a track-and-trace supply chain. This supply chain has two different members:

  • The retailer, who labels products and sells them to consumers
  • The supplier, who manufactures, warehouses, and ships the products to retailers

To keep things simple for training purposes, the network will be limited to these two members, but once you’ve learned the concepts in this workshop, it will be easy to build applications that support additional members.

Our philosophy: “Nothing up my sleeve”

In building this workshop, the authors have striven to make everything as clear and accessible as possible. We have experienced workshops and tutorials where too much is hidden in “magic” that occurs behind the scenes. That is, much of the functionality required to make things work occurs automatically in source code that must be downloaded prior to the course and is often deliberately obscured from the learner.

Instead, our philosophy in building this workshop will be to show the learner all necessary steps to build the system from scratch, and to provide beautiful syntax-highlighted source code at the stage where they are used to build the final solution. Everything is front-and-center for easy study, and the user must put all the pieces in place for the solution to function.

We have also observed that text editing can be a common source of failures and mistakes during hands-on laboratories. A convenient link is provided to facilitate copying and pasting the commands and files where they are needed (see example below).

This link facilitates copying and pasting

With the exception of a few short commands, no typing is necessary to complete the workshop.

As you encounter source code, it is not necessary to understand how all of it works. We will explain the important points to note at each step. We provide the full source code to facilitate a “from-scratch” workshop where no accompanying source code repository is necessary, and for those who wish to study the code in more detail.

Watch your AWS region carefully

Make sure you are in a region that supports Amazon Managed Blockchain and that you remain in the same region for the duration of the workshop. Resources created in a different region will not be able to access your blockchain network. Currently supported regions for Amazon Managed Blockchain are:

  • N. Virginia (us-east-1)
  • Ireland (eu-west-1)
  • London (eu-west-2)
  • Tokyo (ap-northeast-1)
  • Seoul (ap-northeast-2)
  • Singapore (ap-southeast-1)

If you inadvertenly create resources in the wrong region, delete them and try again in the right region. This workshop assumes that you are in the us-east-1 region. Some commands may need to be modified if you attempt to use another region.